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About Us

Who we are

Our story & focus

We are an experienced and diverse network of facilitators created in 2014. Our network includes group process designers, conversation hosts, organisational development consultants, social researchers, graphic facilitators and community organisers.

We strive to create personal, organisational and social change through generative listening, meaningful conversations, creative dialogue and self organisation.

Our work is focused on bridging the deep divide between leaders and followers, the self and the other, between the present challenges and the emergent future we believe is possible.​

Our beliefs

We believe that organisations are creative, adaptive and self organising living systems within interrelated & interdependent ecosystems.

Often the solution to rising challenges in an organisation or a system are within, the focus of our work is to help these possibilities surface through listening, dialogue and reflection.

We are convinced that developing our ability to listen deeply to ourselves, one another and our environment is key to create thriving organisations, communities and social ecosystems.

We believe in building a culture of trust and relationships as a strong foundation to collaboration.

We believe that once you understand the “human technology”, you can begin to use collaboration technology more effectively. This is true whether you are using the latest technology such as Zoom and GoogleDocs or older technology such as a flip chart in a boardroom or a talking piece in a circle.

Our second core belief concerns power. We do not believe you can create a powerful team without understanding the nature of power in all its expressions. This means there are many difficult conversations that need to happen in order to address privilege and injustice. We believe that when these conversations happen with empathy and sensitivity, individuals, groups, organisations and communities can move from conflict into collaboration, from apathy to action, from overpowered to powerful, and from the individual to the collective.

We are committed to diversity, inclusion and equity, in practice this means that we welcome everyone as they are, we prioritize removing barriers to participation in every part of the processes we hold. As a social enterprise, we make every effort to ensure small non profit organisations and people on low incomes have access to our services regardless of their economical situation. And finally we strongly adhere to a policy of never doing for people what they can do for themselves, this means we leave a legacy of empowerment and build capacity wherever we go.

How we work

Approach & Methods

Our approach: Our operational system is the Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter. We are heavily influenced by our experience in community organising and dialogic organisational development. 

Our methods: We employ a range of tools and practices in our work and provide training in:

Our Technological toolkit: