The Art of Building Power & Self Organisation


October 22-24th
London, UK

What is it about?

The art of building power and self-organisation is a three day participative and highly interactive workshop blending 2 very powerful practices:  The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter and Community Organising.

The art of building power and self-organisation is a three day participative and highly interactive workshop blending 2 very powerful practices:  The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter and Community Organising.

Over the three days, we will explore:

How to initiate, design, host and harvest: meetings of any size,  gatherings, networks and organisations that are more participatory, inspiring, and creative.

How to improve the quality of conversations by improving the quality of our questions and our ability to listen beyond the words and build stronger relationships.

You will experience some of the following facilitation tools: Circle Practice, Open Space, World Café, Design-Lab, Power Mapping, Pro-Action Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, Collective Story Harvest, OPERA and more.

Models for understanding how to work with complexity, emergence, reflection and self-organisation, such the Eco-cycle, Chaordic Path, The 8 Breaths of Process Design and more.

Why now?

We all want to see flourishing communities, groups, networks and organisations where people are connected, where they know and are able to mobilise their resources, co-produce, have real power and a collective voice to influence decision making.

Communities, businesses, community enterprises and organisations supporting huge social change are increasingly having to step up their game with less financial resources available, meanwhile many organisations are struggling to shift internal dynamics to cultivate spaces capable of devolving power. 

To rise to this challenge we need to know how to work with complexity and diversity, how to truly listen to what is needed and harness the power of the collective voice in action.

Now more than ever we need to foster an environment of collaboration across the sectors.

Over the 3 days, we will also explore:

How to focus on what works not just what’s wrong. 

The relationship between system change and personal change .

Power and power dynamics at the personal, societal and systemic level through codes, theatre, conversation, reflection and games. 

Art of Hosting and Community Organising models and practices.

The training will include space for participants to explore how to practically apply their learning to actual work situations


Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone interested in exploring and practising new ways of creating highly participatory environments to allow meaningful conversations to flourish.

It is for anyone who recognises the need to build power in communities and who seek to transform their organisational approach and build people’s ability to self organise to bring about the change they seek through listening, collaboration, and harnessing the power of passion, personal transformation and collective intelligence. 

The brave and willing participants can take the opportunity to be coached to deliver some of the tools on day 2 & 3. This coaching will take place in the evening day 1 and 2 5:30-7 pm on the 23rd of October. We encourage participants to set the time aside to participate in the coaching and practice as this is often where the deepest learning really happens.


Where & When?

When: The training will take place 9:00am – 5pm October 22-24th, 2019 

Where: St Stephens Canonbury, London
17 Canonbury Road, London N1 2DF

Do you have a venue which can sit 50 in a room comfortably in circle?Would you like to partner up with us to host future events in your venue in London in exchange for free access to members of your team, board, volunteers or beneficiaries.

What to expect?

This workshop will allow you to: ​ 

Experience new tools which can support community building and organising in communities of interest and organisations.

Develop facilitation skills so that you can practically use these tools in your work.

Develop skills in asking the right questions to have deeper conversations and bring about new ideas and practical solutions in our areas of work.

Engage in a deep exploration of power, power dynamics our individual relationship to power and how to build it collectively.

Feel confident and have the skills and knowledge to host conversations around inequalities and power.

Explore what comes next – after you’ve brought people together and they have formed groups around shared interests – how do you grow it to something bigger?

Connect with other organisations, progressive businesses, community organisers, community development workers, NGO’s activists and active residents to move from isolated action to a movement of people and organisations collaborating to bring about effective change

How much does it cost?

Why different prices? 

We recognise that our privileges and economic situations may vary and whilst we want to value our practice and our work as trainers, we are also very keen to invite diversity and make sure this training is accessible to all. For this reason we invite you to consider your privileges or needs and consciously choose one of the following pledge options and associated rewards below. Below you will find our financial forecast for this training including details of how the money will be spent and the number of places allocated to each of the pledges and the associated rewards for each pledge. 

Offer what you can and a little bit more!

The Registration & Payment Process

Payment will be taken via Hubbub, a crowdfunding platform. This workshop requires all-or-nothing funding means that unless we have achieved the minimum funding target (the minimum amount needed to put on this workshop) of £10,000 by the deadline of 10 October 2019, no payment will be taken from you and the workshop will not go ahead. 

Hubbub Refund Policy If for some reason a reward cannot be delivered then we will contact you to discuss a replacement or alternative of similar value. In the event that a replacement or substitute reward cannot be offered and you wish to receive a refund for the amount of their pledge, we will process this refund within 14 days of the conclusion of the communication with you.

The registration and payment process is as follows: 
      1. Please click on this link to complete the registration form
      2. The registration form will lead to you the hubbub page where you will choose a pledge
      3. Hubbub will ask you for your credit card details but will not take payment 
      4. Payment will only be taken if the minimum of £10,000 is achieved by 10th October 


Select this reward if you are from an organisation/ consultancy and paid well to do your work. This reward covers the full cost of the training and a little bit more to support people who couldn’t otherwise afford this opportunity to participate. 


Select this reward if you are from an organisation/ consultancy, paid to do your work or otherwise able to pay the full fee.

This reward covers full covers your own cost of participating


Select this reward if you are part of a team of 3 or more planning to attend from the same organisation. 


Select this reward if you are unemployed/ low income or otherwise sincerely unable to pay the full fee and this opportunity would have a massive impact on your work and community. We will ask you to offer what you can pay starting from £100+ (You will also be asked to join the Losing Control Network or if you can offer any contributions in other ways e.g. taking photos, filming, writing a blog about the workshop etc..) 

Additional economic support: If your economic situation doesn’t allow you to pay the lowest concession pledge, we would still like to invite you to consider what you can offer and get in touch so we can discuss your situation and we will do our best to make sure you can attend. Offer what you can and ask for what you need. 

In the name of transparency here is our budget projection for this training, so you can see how we are spending your investment in this training event.

The Team

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For this training we are bringing together a diverse team of community organisers, activists, campaigners, facilitators and Art of Hosting practitioners from Bristol, Leeds, London and Colombia via Bristol bringing the best of their international experience and practices to support power building and self organisation

Paulette Singer​

Community Organiser, Art of Hosting Practitioner, Community Development research facilitator and Permaculture gardener/trainer. 
Her frustrations working across the homeless sector led to a desire to connect locally to her community and ultimately to her becoming a Community Organiser. 

Tatiana Garavito

Organiser and facilitator who uses direct education in her approach. She delivers training to groups in organising and movement building, movement ecology, power and privilege, facilitation skills and strategies as well as training tailored to specific groups’ needs.
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José Barco

Community Organiser, Art of Hosting Practitioner and trainer, as well as  a social entrepreneur based in Bristol,  and founder of Community CoLab. He is passionate about people power, social change and social justice and creating spaces for meaningful participation and collaboration at at organisational and grassroots level.

Jon Dorsett

Graphic facilitator/ practitioner and trainer in The Art of Hosting based in Leeds.
He is an associate of  Together for Peace where he is facilitating the Poverty Truth Commission, and being a learning partner with local Gypsy and Traveller organisation Leeds GATE.

Sara Bloch

Community Organiser and facilitator. She believes in the power of networks within communities and the and desire for human connection to drive social change. She has been supporting young people and adults to make the change they want to see in their communities for the past six years.

Betsy Dillner

Betsy has over 10 years of campaigning, fundraising and social change experience. She specialises in developing community leadership and understanding, developing, and ultimately challenging systems of power for social change.

Paula Reybitz

Paula has just under a decade of experience working in membership networks including multicultural and multinational settings with a Master’s Degree in International Business Management (cross-cultural studies). She specialises in engaging individuals, facilitating group connections, and cohesion. 

Karen Lam

Karen is interested in innovative and people-centred approaches to addressing complex social issues, which has brought her to projects in Namibia, South Africa, India, and Romania. She is passionate about participatory and inclusive approaches to social change and the power of networks in effecting greater impact in social change.